15 Contoh Penutup Pidato Bahasa Inggris Singkat

Daftar Isi
Kalimat penutup dalam pidato yang disampaikan di khalayak umum, bisa menggunakan kalimat bahasa Inggris agar terlihat lebih profesional dan menarik perhatian.

Sebuah pidato dikatakan sempurna, apabila kalimat pada penutup pidato tersebut memberikan kesimpulan atau kalimat yang nusuk kedalam perasaan lebih tepatnya ialah dihayati. 

Kalimat penutup dalam sebuah pidato sangat penting diperhatikan karena akan sangat memengaruhi isi atau pesan yang terkandung dalam sebuah pidato.

Terlepas dari itu, sobat bisa mencoba menggunakan bahasa asing seperti bahasa Inggris untuk menutup Pidato.

Bagi sobat yang kesulitan menyusun sebuah kalimat penutup pidato yang berbahasa Inggris, jangan khawatir. 

Berikut ini  cahsantri.com telah mengumpulan contoh kalimat penutup pidato bahasa Inggris, yang bisa jadi referensi, dikutip dari laman Xamux, Materipedia dan bola.com pada Kamis (28/7/2022).

Contoh Penutup Pidato Bahasa Inggris Singkat

1. That is all about the dangers of drugs to all of us, from the point of view of a former drug user and dealer. I sincerely hope that through my speech and the personal experience that I have conveyed on this occasion, we can all understand and will learn more about the dangers of drugs used unwisely. Thank you very much for your kindest attention and presence.

2. Finally, to all my friends who graduated from high school with me today, I wish you good luck in continuing your life and in reaching all your dreams. Our adventure is not over yet, because our adventure has just begun right when we step out of high school. May we all be successful and happy people according to our respective standards. Thank you very much for the opportunity that has been given to me as the graduate representative to deliver my speech.

3. Probably that is enough for the speech that I can deliver on this occasion. If there is any mistake, both in my speech or my movements in delivering the speech, I apologize profusely to all of you who have been present in this hall and I really, really thank all of you.

4. That is my speech this morning in commemoration of Hero's Day. May we all always appreciate our heroes and apply their patriotism to each of us, in our daily life. Thank you very much and I invite the presenter to continue the agenda for today's event.

5. That is my speech at today's debate competition. Thank you to all the attendees who have taken their time to listen to my speech. To all the participants of today's competition, I wish you good luck and compete with sportsmanship and integrity.

6. The time has come for me to close my speech in commemoration of Indonesia's Independence Day this year, which is of course a little different due to the pandemic situation that has changed everything in our lives. My hope is that we will always develop a deep sense of love and respect for the fight and for all the heroes and people who contributed to the independence of Indonesia and continue their fight by building Indonesia so that Indonesia can become a better and more advanced country. Finally, I say FREEDOM and good morning to all of us all over Indonesia!

7. In the end, it is our own responsibility to be wise internet users and not easily provoked by the news that appears and is shared on the internet. Hopefully, we can all use the internet well and be able to filter information more wisely. That is all from me on this happy day.

8. Finally, along with this speech I congratulate the winners of the natural science competition, which has been going on for 1 week. These winners have competed with great responsibility and high sportsmanship, as I have stated in my speech, and therefore we must appreciate their efforts. Now, I will close this speech and we will move on to the next event, which is the awarding of trophies and certificates to the winners.

9. Allow me to end my speech by quoting what my late mother always said: "women's fight will be much opposed, even destroyed. However, I believe our fight for equality will result in great success". Happy Kartini's Day to Indonesian women, please know that you all are a very precious gems. I wish you a good morning and wassalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh.

10. All right, ladies and gentlemen and also all the students, the time has come for me to end this year’s National Education Day commemoration speech. I really hope education in Indonesia will continue to experience significant development, so that education in Indonesia may stand on a par with other countries. Thank you, ladies and gentlemen, for your attention, and good morning.

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11. Thank you for your kind attention to my speech. I am sorry if there is any word or my behavior that unpleasing you all and to God I beg for forgiveness. Good morning/afternoon.

12. This is the end of my speech today. I hope we can take a good lesson from what I delivered today. I ask forgiveness for any words and behavior which are not supposed to be. Thank you for your kind attention today.

13. I hope what I am delivering today can make us care about our environment. Because a good environment has a good effect on our health. Thank you very much for your attention today. I am sorry for any words unpleasing you. Good morning/afternoon.

14. I think that's all my speech. I hope it is useful for you all. I am sorry for any words or behavior that unpleasing your heart. Thank you very much for the occasion and your kind attention. Good morning.

15. A good way to prevent corruption is to start with our family. Thank you for your attention today. I hope you can get a good lesson for you. I am sorry for my words may offend you. Perfection is only for God.

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