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Tips for Adsense Aproved Blog for Beginners

Tips for Adsense Aproved Blog for Beginners, Registering a blog with Google Adsense is a bit difficult. Due to the fact that many websites are rejected by Adsense.So to display ads in order to get money from Adsense, it takes a long process. 

Therefore, it is necessary to prepare a blog or website as good as possible so that it can be aproved by Google Adsense. That way you will more easily get money from Google Adsense.

In this article, I will provide tutors or tips so that your blog is easily aproved by Adsense. This article is specifically for those of you who are beginners. Temperature step aside first!!.

Tips for Adsense Aproved Blog for Beginners

Tips for Adsense Aproved Blog for Beginners

Pay attention to the tips below, friend, don't let the greetings understand! make it a habit to read to the end. In order to get satisfactory results. see the following tips:

  • Active Blog
  • Quality Content
  • Friendly Templates
  • GSC Index
  • Blog Age
  • Regularly Update Content

Becoming a blogger is not as easy as turning the palm of the hand. So don't expect you to blog for one month, two months can immediately be successful and generate millions to tens of millions a month.

Oh of course not, being a successful and professional blogger is not as easy as you think.It takes patience and perseverance in the process of becoming a reliable blogger.

Being a blogger also shouldn't expect much from Google Adsense, because it will only make you disappointed. Why so? Because there are many beginner bloggers who are oriented to Adsense, but in the end it doesn't produce anything.

Therefore, as a novice blogger, you should learn a lot about blogging before registering your blog with Adsense. 

In this article I will explain easy tips so that new blogs can Aproved to Adsense.This article is written based on personal experience. Listen carefully

1. Active Blog

First. Make sure the blog that will be registered with google adsense is an Active Blog. How do you mean? So the blog that you manage is a blog that regularly updates articles. Yes even though no

An active blog will be easier to be approved or approved by google adsense, because the blog will be detected as a blog that regularly updates articles and provides active information to users.

Difference Between Active Blog and Passive Blog
An active blog is a blog that always updates articles or content regularly
A passive blog is a blog that never updates articles but the domain remains active

So how about it, friend, is your blog included in one of the criteria for an Active or Passive blog? Or maybe into an expired blog (the domain is dead).

2. Quality Content

The second step is to make sure your blog has quality content. how do you mean? So quality content / articles are the results of your own writing and thoughts.

Even though your writing is still not good or not SEO, but if it is your writing, then the article is a quality content. Than good writing and seo ta

So start now for friends to create quality content purely from your own writing, not from copying other people's articles. 3

The comparison is this bro:
  • An organic article will be detected as a Unique Article by Google
  • While Copas Articles will be detected as Plagiarism, namely Copas articles

Template Friendly

Next is the Blog Template or Theme. Templates also affect the development of blogs and are easier to accept in collaboration with Google Adsense. Why so min?

In the early days of blogging, I often change templates for just one blog, because I'm looking for a template that looks good for my blog and of course it's also a free download. It's because of changing templates that blogs are difficult to develop, even when the article is over 50, traffic is still minimal, and when registering a blog to google adsense it is always rejected for various reasons.

Now that's my experience, friend, don't let that happen to your blog, which will only have a bad impact on the development of your blog.

The tips are to use a seo friendly template which includes:
  • Responsive (Comfortable and Lightweight)
  • Mobile Friendly (Friendly when used on Mobile)
  • Fast Loading (Fast Loading Blog)
  • Friendly Navigation (Convenient menu display for visitors)
So, to get some criteria for friendly templates as mentioned above, Of course, my friend has to spend a little budget to buy a template. Yes, it's a little capital, bro, don't keep it free.

GSC Indexed ( Google Search Console )

After you do the three tips above, then make sure your blog has submitted a Sitemap to the Google search console. first check the log url in GSC, make sure it has been submitted or not? If not, please submit it first.

In addition to submitting a blog sitemap, you must also index the content url so that articles can be indexed and can be found in Google search. Please check the blog post url again

This indexing is very important for the development of the blog, because if the article has been indexed by Google, then registering a blog with Google Adsense will be easily approved.

Blog Age

Next is the age of the blog. After doing some analysis and research on beginner bloggers who were rejected by google adsense, one of the reasons is that the age of the blog is still very new

Keep in mind, my friend, a new blog will be a little difficult to accept adsense, because the blog is still not indexed by google, moreover the blog article is still minimal, only one or two articles, so don't expect to be Aproved by adsense.

So some blog age is enough to be registered adsense? through the results of research and experience, blogs can be accepted by adsense can be aged:

  • Minimum 4 months with a record of having 40 articles
  • Minimum 3 months with a record of having 40 articles
  • Enough Age, namely 6 Months with 50 Articles

The age of the blog also affects the AdSense review period when registering a partnership.

Regularly Update Content

The last tip after doing the steps above is to update the content during the Google Adsense Registration review period. So, when you register a blog with Google Adsense, usually the blog will be reviewed 2 to 3 days, the latest is 2 weeks. During the review period, you must update articles every day, so that your blog is detected as an active blog and regularly updates every day.

This step is quite accurate when registering a blog to google adsense, with the aim that the blog is easily Aproved by adsense. Update every day one article during the review period.


In registering a blog to Google Adsense, it takes patience and persistence so that the blog is easily aproved by Adsense. Do the tips above to make your blog a professional blog by presenting information with professional articles and a friendly blog display.

When the blog has become a professional blog, the blog will be easily Aproved by Google Adsense, so you can start earning money from Adsense ads. 

That way, you will easily get millions, tens of millions, hundreds of millions and even billions in a month from your blog.

Thus the explanation of Tips for Blogs to be aproved by Adsense easily that the admin can convey to beginner bloggers. Hope this article can help

You can follow this blog to get information about blogging and adsense, if there is anything you want to ask, please comment in the comments column.

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